We start at 6 o’clock and finish between 8:15 and 8:45 depending on the conditions and light available.

Our normal operating evening is Wednesday.
These sessions run the same as Wednesday evening sessions starting at 6 o’clock and finishing between 8:15 and 8:45.
When the evenings remain light we tend to use this time, as long as the wind stays up and the conditions are good.

You will need to take the following items with you each and every week

It’s always cooler on the water than on the land, so you will need several thin tee shirts, cotton sweat shirts etc.
Some light trousers, joggers or something light and warm. Not jeans as these stick to you and don’t keep you warm,
A lightweight jacket, Kagoul or something similar.
An old pair of trainers which will be okay to get wet and a dry pair to change into.
You will need a towel to dry yourself.
You’ll need a  complete spare set of clothes and shoes.
A hot drink and something to eat.
Have a plastic bag to take your wet things home.
If it’s cold bring a hat as you lose 20% of your heat through your head.
If you wear glasses take a strap to hold them on, or a piece of string to tie them on with.
We have plenty of buoyancy aids which are tested, so if you have a buoyancy aid please leave it at home.

Youngsters must be at least 9 years old at the start of the YPA season.
The maximum age we teach to is 18.
Awards are presented at the AGM which will be held in the middle of September.
These are dependent upon the required standard being achieved.
There are short reports on the sailing season, which is followed by a celebration of the youngsters’ successes and the awards are presented.
The AGM is held on the next Wednesday evening after the last sailing session (about mid September).
YPA’s AGMs are always well attended.

It is very rare that YPA does not run due to adverse conditions.
In the unlikely event every reasonable effort will be made to contact you by telephone.

If you know that you can’t make the following week please let us know.
Feel free to drop us an email [email protected] this is probably the best way.
Bear in mind that most of the instructors travel straight from work to the lake and don’t return
home until after the sailing session, so any messages left will not be relayed until after the session.

The current fees for 2024 £230 which can be paid in one lump sum or paid by direct debit for 5 months @ £46 a month.

YPA starts sailing in April and continues until September,
We sail through the school holidays including the summer.
We have a skeleton staff over the summer and youngsters are welcome to use the boats.
Safety boat cover will be as normal.
If your friend is already a member then you will be in different groups.
At the start of the season any spaces are filled from the top of the waiting list.
If your name is on the waiting list and you have been unsuccessful we will let you know.
If there are no spaces then your name will go onto the following years’ waiting list.