Young People Afloat – Privacy Policy

YPA undertakes to collect and use your personal data in compliance with the GDPR

The data has been supplied to us by parents and is necessary in the administration, communication and running of the club. The membership application form contains names, addresses, email addresses, contact telephone numbers and medical conditions. All this information is held securely by the Membership Secretary both digitally and in the original form. Important medical details of a child would be shared with their instructor and, in the case of an emergency, with the emergency services. Should it be necessary, the Principal Welfare Officer/Deputy could request information on individuals.

The membership application form assumes your consent to photographs being taken and you have the right to opt out. These photos are published in the password protected ‘Members Area’ and they contain no information that might identify individuals. The password is changed annually. Photos are stored digitally to allow parents to request full definition copies of their child, and retained until the following year, in case of late requests.

Only the Principal holds, securely in paper form, the personal information of all the volunteers who help with the running of the club.

The evening register has contact and medical information and is only accessible to the Membership Secretary, and Secretary on sailing nights.

We only collect the personal data we need and no other volunteer has access to the records. Once a member leaves their information is no longer retained. Previous application forms of current members are destroyed. The information that we hold on members, volunteers, instructors and those on the waiting would be made available to those individuals should they request it. No information is shared with Third Parties.

The RYA may contact students when this is necessary for quality assurance of RYA training, for example in the investigation of a complaint or incident. In these instances the information is used solely for the requested purpose and is not entered on to the RYA central database.