What you''ll need


New members will start sailing on Wednesday Mid  April. We will start at approximately 18:00 hrs. We hope to finish each evening at approx. 20:30/20:45 hours. (This depends on how long it takes to put the gear away and how much theory the instructor wishes to cover). We try to encourage parents to turn up a bit earlier to help put gear away.

Here is a list of things, which each youngster should try to bring with them every session:


Y.P.A. will supply buoyancy aids we have a wide range of types and sizes.


Please bring extra clothing to wear whilst sailing. The temperature on the water is always cooler than the temperature on the land, and it is better to wear a lot of thin layers rather than one thick layer, e.g. several thin jumpers instead of one thick one,

A pair of jogging trousers not jeans.

A kagoule or something light and waterproof

A hat to keep the heat in.

If you wear glasses then please bring a strap to hold them on.

 A spare set of clothes and a towel is a must. Your child will get wet so they must be prepared. There are showers in the changing rooms at the club house so bring a towel to dry yourself.

Have a look at dressed and ready to sail.


Please bring an old pair of trainers to wear these will get wet, so bring a carrier bag to take them home in. Don’t forget to bring a spare pair to change into. Please do not bring Wellingtons as they fill up and can restrict movement in the water.

Food and Drink

Please bring a flask with a warm drink e.g. tea coffee or chocolate, and a snack, plus a bar of chocolate for your instructor.(Not really)